A Kaitaia teenager who has admitted running over the owner of a car he took has been remanded on bail for sentencing on February 4.

Nicky Heihei, 18, was told by Judge Greg Davis in Kaitaia District Court the starting point for sentencing would be three years' imprisonment. He was also referred to the restorative justice co-ordinator.

Heihei, who admitted and was convicted on four counts or burglary and one each of aggravated injury, driving with excess alcohol and escaping custody, was one of five people charged after a short-lived crime spree that began at 4.20am on October 7, when he and six others others broke into the Kaitaia RSA.

They were inside the premises for about three minutes, taking a large quantity of alcohol, which they began to drink.


At 6.50am Heihei walked past an address in Matthews Ave in Kaitaia and decided to steal one of the vehicles parked on the property. He entered the house via the front door while the victim was preparing for work, took all the keys from a hook and began trying them to open one of the vehicles. He eventually succeeded, and got into the car.

At that point the victim's brother arrived, and told her that someone was in her vehicle. She found Heihei, still trying to start the car. Her brother tried, unsuccessfully, to get him out of the vehicle while she reached in via the passenger's door to apply the handbrake. As she reached in Heihei got the car going and began reversing, the victim pleading with him to stop and let her out.

Heihei continued accelerating, smashing the gate and out on the street, where he pushed her out of the car. He continued driving as she fell, running over her legs, then drove off at speed. He met up with his associates in Parkdale Cres.

Five associates got into the car and drove to Awanui then towards Mangonui on State Highway 10, Heihei handing the wheel over to an associate at some point. He subsequently got out, police finding and arresting him on the roadside, while an associate drove off back towards Awanui, reaching speeds of more than 130km/h with the police in pursuit.

Two sets of road spikes were deployed, puncturing one of the front tyres at Awanui, but the driver continued towards Kaitaia, still at speed and with sparks flying from the rim of the damaged wheel. He finally lost control and crashed the car in Allen Bell Drive. Heihei subsequently recorded 400 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath. The teenage limit is zero.

Meanwhile the victim was treated at Kaitaia Hospital for leg injuries, including bruising and abrasions. No bones were broken, but treatment has continued since the incident. Heihei told police that the victim had leapt from the car as opposed to being pushed by him.

Heihei and an associate had gone to an address in Bonnet Rd, Kaitaia, on September 28, where he knew he would find an Xbox 360. He sold it two days later for $220.

When arrested on that matter Heihei escaped through a window in the interview room.