We often tell our kids about stranger danger and to never accept a gift from someone you don't know.

But for some strange reason come Christmas time, this concept is thrown out the window and parents all of a sudden want to get their little kids to sit on some stranger's lap. What's worse, this guy is wearing a red suit with a false white beard and gumboots in sweltering heat.

All in the vain hope to get a cute picture of the little one sitting on the lap of a guy who is dressed up as Santa.

Usually, the result is of a kid screaming his or her lungs out and tears streaking down their face.


I'm not sure who's more embarrassed - the guy in the suit or the parent trying to make their child smile - while the little one is totally terrified. It has often started a chain reaction when the next kid starts thinking "I'm not too sure about this idea".

I still have nightmares from my parents making me do the same thing. I think that's where my fear of clowns stems from.

Although I've never trusted any guy who uses lipstick to give himself a broader grin. Just look at any Batman comic like the Joker - enough said about that.

Now before you start calling me the Christmas Grinch, I'm all for the idea of keeping the wonder of the festive season alive and have often helped my kids prepare Santa a snack on Christmas Eve, just to keep his energy levels up during his busy night of dropping gifts to all the good boys and girls around the world.

I would often say to the kids, it would be good to leave him a beverage of the brown liquid kind.

However, they weren't too keen on the idea of the jolly old fellow drinking and driving on such an important night.

Fair enough, now that's a good message we all should remember at this time of year - don't drink and drive.

It's not now long until Christmas, enjoy the festive season.

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