The Far North beat the Deep South in the final sprint to the finish in the "Let's Cook with Parmco" competition when Okaihau Primary School edged out Lime Hills in Southland.

The win means the school will receive a new modern kitchen.

"It was a hard-fought fight to the end," Okaihau admin staff member Sheri Banks said.

"Everyone from local politicians, sports clubs, the grapevine, Facebook, other schools, overseas contacts - everyone had their bit to play in this amazing result. Our children are soooo excited.


"We desperately need a cooking facility," she said.

The kids were depending on late votes to swing the result their way, and at the final count 158-pupil Okaihau had amassed 4066, more than any other school of any size in the country.

The new kitchen, which Ms Banks said would revolutionise cooking at the school, comprises ovens, fridges, microwaves and other equipment which would find a home in the old school dental clinic, which currently provides the venue for the school's breakfast club.