Haim are back, and they want you back listening to their sunny, understated indie pop tunes.

They want you back in the 80s, bopping out to funky basslines, mellow harmonies and soft rock melodies.

In fact the sisters Haim have put out a new record that has more in common than you may expect with the new Christine McVie/Lindsey Buckingham release. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Lead single and opening track Want You Back is a fun, infectious romp with a quickfire chorus, while follow-up Little of Your Love is also fun but threatens to descend into Shania Twain Don't Impress Me Much territory. Your call whether there's anything wrong with that.


The urgent string intro to Found It In Silence injects extra life into the album, before the ultracool Walking Away struts in and away.

But the highlight of the album is the track used to promote the album in a Paul Thomas Anderson short film. The moody Right Now, with its back-and-forth vocal responses and spare instrumentation, spends its four minutes building to something - but never gets there, leaving you with the realisation the whole track was the payoff all along.

Listen to Want you Back below