After consultation with employees, a restructure at the CHB District Council is now complete with vacancies advertised this week for six leadership roles.

Chief executive Monique Davidson announced the restructure at the end of October and said some well-thought-out submissions were received from council officers.

"It has been a difficult time for the individuals involved.

"Overall though, most staff have been positive about the change. They can see the need for integration, innovation and improvements in customer services."


The restructure proposal arose from community feedback received during the Thrive consultation project where people were asked what they wanted the district to look like.

The response was "a proud and prosperous district made up of strong communities and connected people who respect and protect the environment", said Mrs Davidson.

"Central Hawke's Bay is in a period of growth. If we are to take advantage of growth to secure a more stable economic future then we need an organisation that is fit for purpose," she said.

Under the restructure, three senior managerial roles and one administration role would be disestablished.

While some of the roles being advertised were newly created, others grouped previously separate departments together.

A group manager community infrastructure and development would oversee the likes of land transport, the three waters, landfills and building consents.

The council's interface with the public, including everything from libraries to animal control to answering queries would now come under the umbrella of a customer and community partnerships group manager, and human resources issues would be covered by a people and capability manager.

An organisational transformation lead role had been created to work with the chief executive and group managers to drive a transformation in customer experience, to look at how the council was doing things and how it could do better, Mrs Davidson said.

Similarly a customer experience lead position reflected the renewed focus on improving customer/client relationship management.

Finally, a new customer and consent lead position would ensure compliance with building legislative requirements were met and manage quality assurance system policies and procedures across the Building Consent Authority and consent planning.

"The change will move council towards a more strategic focus from an operational focus.

"We will be more proactive in our communication and engagement with residents and stakeholders, and we will lift customer service across the whole organisation."

Mrs Davidson said the changes would mean there would be less call for outside contractors and consultants as the capabilities would be in-house.

"I am confident that the new structure will ensure that we can continue to lift performance through improved results, delivery of outcomes, greater efficiencies and emerging innovation within the organisation and wider community."

All the staff affected by the changes had been offered support through the council's employee assistance programme, and encouraged to apply for the new positions.