That was the spirit at the' />

When the going gets tough, the tough farmers, shepherds and farm hands involved with Hawke's Bay sheep dog trials get going.
That was the spirit at the trials held last Friday and Saturday at Olrig, a club which had been under threat of folding.
Strong numbers of Hawke's Bay competitors took part as well as triallists from outside the region but some of the less-familiar names in the run-offs still had to bow to the older hands at the final count.
Among them was veteran Don McLeod, who brought trusty partner and intermediate dog Lee from Fernhill and claimed the long-head class, while Clark Chrystal, from Petane, picked up a double with Kip in the short head and yard, and Hendrix in the straight hunt.
The hunt victory blocked a double for Kieran Young, who won the zig-zag with intermediate dog Tahi - her first open win - and was runner-up in the straight run with Storm in a showdown with a Tony Fairweather maiden named Cloud.
Among those Chrystal and Kip beat in the short head was 88-year-old Keith Satchwell, who claimed fifth place with Sue.
Entries increased from last year's Olrig trial with 82 in each head, up 30 on last year, and 55 in each hunt, up 20, providing two days' work for the crews including those at Olrig Station and parents from nearby Kereru School who catered the event.
There is no trial next week so handlers and their dogs can rest before the Tikokino Club centenary celebrations.
Results of the Olrig sheep dog trial last Friday and Saturday:

Long head: D McLeod, Lee, 97pts, 1; G Ryder, Boy, 96.75pts, 2; C Hartigan, Moss, 96.5pts, 3; P Orvis, Jake, 96.25pts, 4; K O'Connor, Zapp, 96pts, 5. Intermediate: D McLeod, Lee. Maiden: D Angland, Bo.
Short head and yard: C Chrystal, Kip, 94.5pts, 1; K O'Connor, 94pts, 2; P Orvis, Jake, 93.5pts, 3; P Williams, Haig, 93pts, 4; K Satchwell, Sue, 92.5pts, 5. Intermediate: K O'Connor, Yo. Intermediate: B O'Leary, Tote.
Zig-zag hunt: K Young, Tahi, 96pts, 1; N Marr, Bet, 95.5pts, 2; M Loye, Troop, 95pts, 3; S McSporran, Waite, 94.5pts, 4; P Williams, Laura, 94.25pts, 5. Intermediate: K Young, Tahi. Maiden: S McSporran, Waite.
Straight hunt: C Chrystal, Hendrix, 96pts, 1; K Young, Storm, 95.5pts, 2; T Fairweather, Cloud, 95pts, 3; G McDonald, Beth, 94pts, 4; J Kelleher, Charlie, 93.5pts, 5. Intermediate and Maiden: T Fairweather, Cloud.