In the never ending search for culinary delights that are both nutritious, and edible for the small people in the house, every new hit meal quickly finds its way onto the winning wheel of whether my kids will eat it.

Because as you foster and grow their sense of self-worth and ability to form opinions of their own, it seems as though their opinion of anything edible that's not a chicken nugget or a chip becomes a firm "yuck".

Their tiny eyes develop abilities usually reserved to only the keenest eyed of the animal kingdom.

Like a hawk, gliding casually over a summer field awaiting the slightest movement of a mouse, so too do the children circle the plate of whatever it is you thought you'd try.


Talons sifting through the sauce, and mince, rice flying to the side until... "AHA! You said there was no onion Dad, what's THIS?" The tiniest sliver of solid onion, the one, singular piece that slipped through large enough to be identified has been found.

"How did THAT get in there?" you ask. Knowing full well the evidence has been found, and despite what you and even said child might think, the meal is now "yuck."

We've managed a small sneaky hack in our house, half-apples have become the after dinner "treat" "If you don't eat at least four more mouthfuls you won't be getting your half-apple" we'll say. Secretly knowing that essential vitamins and minerals will cross their wary palate.

Discussing this very dilemma in the workplace this week, Megan remembered stumbling across a re-share of a TV chefs' recipe that "could be worth a go" Marmite pasta.

Yes, you read right, Marmite pasta. She excitedly regaled a recipe containing just four ingredients, created by a famous TV chef, and shared with the internet. Are you ready? Butter. 50gm unsalted, melt in a pan. Marmite, one teaspoon or more to taste, mix. Pour over cooked spaghetti, and add parmesan cheese.

That's it. The whole dinner. The complete shebang.

Would it be a hit? Could it be a hit? At the time of writing have yet to take the plunge, but only because I already have chicken drums and chips ready to go, and that's a definite kids eat enough to get an apple, a true hero of the winning wheel of "will my kids eat it"?

Will Marmite pasta make the cut? Only time will tell, but it doesn't have onions.
— Adam Green
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