Kids and sport. For most families, these two things go together like toast and Marmite.

Some will follow in the footsteps of their parents before them, receiving player of the day trophies in the clubroom's underneath shields bearing the name of their mother or father, a prominent display of the legacy of sporting success before them.

Not mine. We don't have any trophies to look upon, no legacy of sporting greatness for them to follow. (Though once I fluked the school high jump record on a day everything went right for a few short hours, sadly unable to repeat the feat at inter-schools.)


Not to say that sport hasn't been encouraged as a healthy and valuable part of their little lives, quite the opposite, it's just I find it difficult to pass on any hockey skills as someone whose experience with hockey includes watching my children play it.

Oh I'll shout from the sides "Keep your stick down, defend! Run! Stay in your position," all things I have learned from other parents lining the sides.

So it was with interest I listened on as others discussed the pay to play strategy. A small financial reward for those motivated by money to score that goal, get that try or make those tackles.

"Surely not," I thought to myself, patting my wallet in my pocket.

"No one is parting with money as encouragement?" But it turns out that some were, and to varying degrees of success.

"$1 per try and my young fella scored four last week," said one.

"Well I offered the cash up and mine STILL spent all the time making grass angels," said another.

I figure the only way to truly test if this will be effective is to start it myself. Charge the kids, and they can pay me to play.


I propose a new price list for my household services. Drive the kid to an event? 50c home again? 50c more. $1 a round trip. Prepare an afternoon snack? First snack 50c, any subsequent feeding $1.

Finding a remote will cost you. Especially since the remotes were all in the bowl this morning. You've lost three. So I think it's only fair it costs you $3 for me to find it.

Oh and anything requiring me to clean up gross things is also going to be a costly exercise, let's look at notes for that one. $5 at least.

Just think kids, it will be an investment in your future, if it works out, I might give you some pay to play. At least after I've earned enough to cover the cost!

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