Back in the 1980s my mother started a three-way love affair.

There was her, Alison Holst and a Breville kitchen wizz. Those three were thick as thieves.

Doing everything together. Blasting malt biscuits to smithereens for the cheesecake bases, blitzing peanuts to roll your cheese balls in, making enough coleslaw to sink a ship, in fact even making the condensed milk home-made salad dressing to go on your coleslaw.


The kitchen wizz was cream and brown as was the colour scheme of the 80s and it perfectly matched your SodaStream.

It was with these fond memories in my mind that I found myself perusing Briscoes the other day, with the intention of being a grown-up and finally buying my own food processor.

The aisle of food processors these days is long and varied. And it was there that I made a new friend.

We are now BFPFs. Best Food Processor Friends. She lamented that her grown-up children are all still living with her, they're vegan, and keto and paleo these days and they are chopping up fresh vegies on a daily basis so she needed something grunty.

But what size bowl, do you need all of those attachments, what about the kilowatts? I sympathised with her and told her about my predicament.

I had been trying to make biscuit crumbs for banoffee pie in a Nutri Bullet, it didn't work, the crumbs were either like powder or not cut up at all. I didn't even have a rolling pin to bash them around with and take out my frustrations.

We both concluded that it's difficult trying to be a domestic goddess in this day and age without an appropriate food processor.

My BFPF went with a cheap and cheerful option, whilst I went for bigger is better.


I lugged that spaceship home and came to the conclusion that designers of these food processors gain extra points if they can make a bowl that doesn't sit on its base and lock into place without the operator having a degree in astro physics.

As I have no degree, I cursed and swore, and locked and loaded and finally got the thing to go. It would be fair to say I am still working out which blades are best for what purpose.

My forte dish at the moment is a little something I like to call fresh cabbage dip. Cabbage meant for coleslaw blitzed to within an inch of its life. It's yummy! Mum and Alison Holst would be so proud.

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