It was with great intentions I went into 2019, "Just a few weeks off exercise, for the Christmas Break, then back into the gym".

I told myself. Is it still just a few weeks if we are halfway through the third month of the year?

Every Wednesday I tell myself it's time to go back. Then the little voice inside says "You may as well wait until Monday, can't start in the middle of the week." I needed something to get me off my bum and back into exercise. And I found it!

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We are so fortunate in Hawke's Bay to have a combination of fantastic weather, beautiful outdoor spaces, delicious food and beverage options and a top location to host all sorts of different and wonderful events. We are also fortunate at The Hits to be a part of said events, and I've seen a few lately that have given me some inspiration.

The Triple Peaks finish line being one of them, sitting in the bright evening sun and watching those incredible athletes cross the line after 50 plus hard claimed kms, still smiling I thought- "I've got to climb some peaks of my own".

So I've started small. The three stairs up my front porch were the first hurdle in my way, but I conquered that multiple times in the day. Do three climbs count as three peaks I pondered? No. I must do more.

The stairs up to the studio. Two flights, instead of the lift. I was admittedly slightly puffed after climbing this peak, having been approximately 10 times bigger than my first, but I made it! It was directly to the work kitchen to rehydrate with three coffees.

It was time for the third and biggest peak. Where could I find a challenge larger I thought… Farmers… no, they are escalators and would carry me to the heights.

The fire escape! A whole extra floor to climb, I stood at the bottom, gazing into the sky. This is what Ed must have felt like at the base of Everest.

I bravely ventured on to the first step, making my way past the halfway point there was a seed of doubt in my mind. Is that a knee strain I felt? I pushed on.

Climbing, panting, exhausted, I reached the top. And, arms raised to the air like Rocky Balboa, celebrated my triple achievement. Next week, after watching the Tremains Tri, I move to the Try-athlon where I Try my best to actually exercise. Can't start now, It's not a Monday.


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