Another major Mission concert announcement this week sees none other than Elton John making his way to our shores.

The rocket man himself, on a Saturday night (Which according to him are alright for fighting, but we'll see none of that, and a lot more partying I suspect).

But the real mission upon us will be securing tickets. As this is Elton's apparent swansong they will be in hot demand, and online purchasing has its fair share of struggles.

Not to mention the re-selling sites snapping up as many as they can to gouge a profit from desperate concertgoers.


So I propose a few different methods of ticket purchasing to make things fairer. Starting with a nationwide Elton John Talent Quest. It can be run similar to a television singing competition. We put Anika Moa on hosting duties, and everyone turns up to sing their best Elton hit. (I'd go Candle in the Wind for the heartstring vote).

What's Frankie Stevens up to these days, he can judge!

Or, since Elton Says Saturday Nights (Alright for fighting) a charity boxing match. Each round won secures your right to a single ticket, with the winner getting four GAs secured for immediate purchase. (Should medical attention not be required).

And didn't I read online somewhere about a flat earth proponent who built a rocket to fly into the sky and prove his theory earth was flat?

He succeeded in neither but was a pioneer of the rocket man competition I have planned. Home built rockets, one big park (Hey Mission Estate you want to host us?) and I'll be getting in touch with Rocket Lab for a hand. Up Up and Away to double pass land!

It's a breezy time of year in Hawke's Bay, what about the Candle In The Wind challenge, we all line up on Marine Parade on a nice still morning and light up a candle.

As the day moves on and the wind gets up protecting the candle from the wind becomes a priority. Keep it lit til 8pm and you're in to nab a pass.

Tiny Dancer sees parents try and train their children in any form of dance with a Parent-Child performance the end result… Another judging gig for Frankie!


And of course the Crocodile Rock…On second thought Crocodiles and rocks don't mix, let's leave Crocodiles to Australia.

Otherwise, if anyone gets a spare double online, I'd say I'll be looking!

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