There are some things that just shouldn't end up on a pizza.

Canned asparagus? No go. Any offal? Oh that'd be "offal" all right. Leave it for steak and kidney pies. Spaghetti. Controversial, especially after Bill English and the ham, spaghetti, pineapple debacle. (Personally, I cannot believe there are defenders of that particular monstrosity!)

So when the queen of creamed corn, Megan Banks my Hits co-host and foodie friend suggested we try a creamed corn pizza, I was ready to add a new ingredient to the banned-from-pizza list.

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Megan will add creamed corn to anything and everything. Her favourite dinner of all time is a speciality meal created by none other than Megan Banks, "creamed corn surprise".

The truly surprising part is that you can create a meal the whole family will eat from creamed corn.

"I think it's a South Island thing," she said.

"We grew up a long way from fast food pizza, so we had to use what was available."

Understandable I thought, but if you had access to cheese, tomato paste and canned creamed corn surely your supermarket visits could have included pepperoni?

We didn't have Domino's in Turangi, but I'm pretty sure we managed a homemade meat-lovers or two on pizza night?

"I remember the first time I tasted creamed corn," continued the queen of CC, "I thought I had stumbled upon a gift from the gods."

I love crayfish, oysters and a good rare steak, but I can't for the life of me remember the first time I tried any of them!


But, in the name of science and a low cost (read free) breakfast, I succumbed and there before me lay a remarkably good looking pizza.

The aroma that filled the air was warm and sweet, and appetising, in the same way a roast at your Nana's on a Sunday was. But the moment of truth truly came as I took a bite … and found myself in creamed corn and bacon pizza heaven.

An instant convert I proceeded to devour all but one slice which I reluctantly watched Megan remove from the board.

Sometimes, the things you think you won't like, end up being something you love, it's just a matter of giving it a go!

Life's funny like that, but I'm sorry Mr English, I don't think I'll ever be on board with a pineapple, ham and spaghetti pizza!

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