A long time ago, when I was at a single-figure age (so yes, it was a long time ago) I used to climb aboard a train pretty well every weekend.

But the wheels of the aged old steam locomotive never turned and the only noise the engine made was whatever sounds we kids could come up with.

The loco' had a name.

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It was called Dido and was a feature part of a now long-gone playground on the Marine Parade... neighbouring a thing called a boating lake which is now also long gone.

As far as playgrounds went it was a basic affair.

A couple of slides and a couple of swings and a roundabout thing that had a 50-50 coating of paint and rust.

And dear old deteriorating Dido.

But hey, it was somewhere to go and scrambling over the great boiler body of the old stream train was always a challenge.

The pipes, the bolts, the hoses, the clamps.

It was eventually sent to the scrap merchants, and such a thing would never find its way on to a playground of 2018.

It would be deemed far too risky.

But hey, we kids liked a bit of risk and the occasional scuffed ankle or knee was sort of like a badge of courage.

I have always believed that playgrounds are an important part of a kid's life and the ones with a challenge and a couple of items which can get the heartbeat raised a little are great.

So I was delighted to see the plans and eventual outcome of the new Anderson Park Playground.

It is a ripper, but of course I see it through adult eyes, although the expressions on the faces of the youngsters who have been turning out in big numbers to experience it appear to have the same opinion.

It has some challenges.

It has tubes to slide through and ladders and aerial pathways to climb and cross.

And great swings and bouncy things and big smooth rocks... and great tables and seating for mum and dad and the grandfolks, and picnic spots.

It is a work of playground art and a tribute to all who devised, planned and built it.

A fine asset which makes me wish I was 7 again.

But hey, when nobody's watching, here I come.