Police are out on our roads in force this week making sure vehicles are roadworthy and drivers are behaving in a responsible manner.

That means children are restrained properly, your licence is with you and current and you are paying attention to the road ... not texting or talking on your phone.

I'm sure there will be the nay-sayers out there that will moan and groan about "cops' revenue gathering".

I'm also sure it would be these very people who would turn to the police when an unlicensed driver of a unregistered car with no insurance crashes into them.


There are some absolute bombs on our road. Cars, utes and vans and trucks covered in rust that pour out smoke as they rattle and rumble around our streets.

It's a pretty sure bet that these vehicles have no warrant of fitness and are not registered.

Rules are in place for reasons.

Have you noticed that drivers don't flash their lights at oncoming traffic when they see a police car on the side of the road or a speed camera as much as they used to?

Of course some still do but the attitudes of many road users have changed.

They are sick of hearing about speeding drivers causing accidents.

Loads of people out there probably know someone who knows someone who has been killed or seriously injured by irresponsible drivers.

The police are doing us a favour so if you see them out and about over the next few weeks don't abuse them, thank them.