Drink driving proved costly for a man who appeared in Dannevirke District Court on Friday.

Loris Kenneth James McKenzie, 26, faced charges of driving with a breath-alcohol level of 490 and careless driving.

Counsel Alan Cressey said the careless driving charge arose after McKenzie drove through a farm fence.

Repairing the damage to McKenzie's vehicle cost him $500 because it was uninsured.


There was no mention of reparation for the damage to the fence.

Cressey told the court McKenzie was already paying off $900 in fines.

Judge Stephanie Edwards noted that McKenzie was still on a learner's licence and should not have been driving at all.

"You need to graduate to a full licence. Unfortunately that has now been delayed as a period of disqualification is mandatory."

She told McKenzie because he had not attained his full licence his competency as a driver had not yet been tested.

Judge Edwards fined McKenzie $400, with $130 court costs, and disqualified him from driving for six months.

On the careless driving charge, McKenzie was convicted and discharged.

Also facing a drink driving charge was Nythanealle Adrian Nicholson who recorded a breath-alcohol level of 600.


Judge Edwards noted that Nicholson was in breach of his restricted licence as he had passengers in his vehicle.

"Because this is your second offence of driving with excess breath alcohol, your first was last year, this falls under interlock sentencing conditions," Judge Edwards said.

Nicholson was disqualified from driving for 28 days and must then apply for an interlock device fitted to his vehicle for 12 months.

He must then apply for a zero alcohol licence which will remain in force for three to four years, Judge Edwards said.

Taking into account the cost of fitting the interlock device and the ongoing cost of having it in his vehicle Judge Edwards fined Nicholson $200 and $130 court costs.