An easing of water restrictions in parts of Tararua late last week hasn't seen a sudden rise in water usage.

Tararua District Council communications manager Mark Maxwell yesterday said water levels had been maintained despite the total hosing ban being partially lifted.

"It's good to see that people haven't gone crazy but that's possibly because not everyone is aware of the easing of restrictions."

Recent rain across the district had allowed water restrictions for some towns to be eased slightly.


The total hosing ban will stay in place for Woodville, Norsewood and Akitio.

But the rest of Tararua District will have water restrictions eased to alternate day hosing.

This means odd numbered houses can use hoses on odd numbered days and vice versa for even numbered houses.

The rain had replenished the rivers and streams that the council sources water from to the extent that usage can be met while still adding water to reservoirs.

While the council expects river levels to drop again, they are unlikely to reach the dire levels experienced over the long dry summer.

Unfortunately the rain has not been sufficient to ease the restrictions in Woodville, Norsewood and Akitio as yet.

Council staff are closely monitoring water usage in each of these towns and it is hoped these areas will restrictions eased as more autumn rain falls.

"We will be keeping an eye on water usage over Easter, but rain is forecast then."


Even though restrictions have been eased, it is still important the entire district continues to conserve water where possible. Any significant rise is usage may see increased restrictions re-imposed if reservoir levels fall dramatically.

Council chief executive Blair King said the council would like to thank all communities for the significant effort made to conserve water during the unprecedented dry period.