Hawke's Bay Foundation has set up an Emergency Response Fund for residents hit hard by Covid-19.

The fund is intended to provide charities with money to give to those who have been the most affected by Covid-19.

Hawke's Bay Foundation Development Manager Amy Bowkett said there are many people at home wanting to help others but are feeling helpless and unsure how.

"We want to do something for our donors.


"What donors are wanting to do is give and we want to give them a vehicle to do that.

"Our Emergency Response Fund enables people to help their Hawke's Bay communities directly," she said.

Hawke's Bay Foundation Chair Giles Pearson said while the full effect of the pandemic is currently unknown, job losses, social isolation and strain on resources will see local charities under extreme pressure.

"Our local charities and organisations will need our help more than ever before and this fund is a way we can be ready to help quickly as we recover from this crisis," he said.

Details for charities on how to apply for a grant from the Emergency Response Fund will be available next month.

The Hawke's Bay Foundation started in 2012 and invests funds given by donations. Annually a proportion of the investment income is distributed to community organisations in Hawke's Bay.

This fund is separate from the usual funding round and all funds will be distributed directly to the public.

People can make donations via the Hawke's Bay Foundation website www.hawkesbayfoundation.org.nz/why-would-i-give/covid-19-fund/