The Hawke's Bay District Health Board is calling on the public to stop sending abuse to those with confirmed cases of Covid-19.

The calls from Hawke's Bay DHB Medical Officer Nick Jones comes after "sustained and unacceptable" attacks on social media.

Jones called for kindness and restraint after receiving numerous reports of abuse to people with confirmed cases of the virus.

"We understand there is a high level of anxiety in the community, but it is not acceptable to attack people who have been caught up in this pandemic," he said.


Jones said one case in particular was receiving an unacceptable level of abuse online.

"This person took all the right precautions once they were aware they may have Covid-19," he said.

"Many people may experience only very mild symptoms, and inadvertently have been out and about, which is why the four week Government lockdown, we are currently in, is so important."

Jones added: "I cannot stress enough that we need to look out for each other. We want people with symptoms of Covid-19 to get tested so we can manage this outbreak and recognise clusters of transmission and stop them from spreading."

Hawke's Bay had one new case of Covid-19 on Saturday, which lifted the region's total to 11.

The HBDHB Medical Officer referred people to the Covid-19 website for more information, as well as for ways to help manage anxiety and stress.

"We are all in this together," he said. "Please be kind to one another and help support those people who do have COVID-19 they need understanding and support."