Like most of us, I never thought I would be sitting here about to write a column on what I will do during the time my country is in lockdown.

There have been so many emotions for most of us, and in all seriousness during this time I am extremely grateful for many things.

I'm grateful that I have a young family who still all live under one roof and I'm grateful that my line of work is an essential service relying information to our community and trying to add in a bit of fun.

Adam and I will be broadcasting as usual through the lockdown, and trying to keep two metres apart which should be easy as we both have early morning coffee breath.


So here's a brief light hearted look at my plan over the next month.

Things I'm going to endeavour to do in lockdown.

Exercise. I'm part of an online exercise group called Move it Mama. So this Mama is going to try and move it every single day in lockdown. Usually it's me telling my kids to move it – move it out of the way of the TV, Mama's trying to watch The Bachelorette!

Eat better. For the last two weeks I have been emotional eating, and preparing my body for any illness with an extra layer of fat to come and go on.

This has been mainly achieved by one of my big downfalls, salty carbohydrates. So for me carbs have been locked down.

Drink more water and less wine. Again as above, wine has been my liquid of choice recently; I've had no problems getting through my eight recommended glasses a day! I shall try and swap some of those out with water.

Do a science experiment with my kids. I'm thinking teach them how to make hokey pokey as bicarbonate of soda is about the only thing I have in my cupboard.

Make phone calls. Like actually make a phone call, and not just text someone. As well as that, I will take deep breaths and actually answer a phone call.


This is a big step. I will channel my mother who was the expert at making and receiving phone calls, all while running a farm, a family and cooking for the shearers.

And finally I'm going to learn to read … a book that is ... not just my phone. While the libraries might be shut, the books I checked out last week are valid for three months.

And with the rate of which my children need attention, leaving little time for reading, it might just take three months to get through it.

Good luck everyone. Stay safe and be kind. - Megan Banks

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