They say you shouldn't make your New Year resolutions until at least February.

Apparently anything spoken in haste before then is null and void.

You'll just never stick to it. I'm testament to that. So far this year I've paid a weekly subscription to an online exercise group that I've logged on to twice.

There always seems to be something more important to do than a squat or a burpee. I do enough burpees myself, usually after a salami platter.


I have also bought a daily gratitude journal that I have opened, flicked through, and not put down one single grateful thought.

I have purchased a little hand held steamer to try and make myself more presentable with my new linen clothes.

I have taken it out of the packaging and read the instructions and continued to wear un-ironed clothes, so that was another waste of time and money.

But here's the kicker. I registered to take part in a free five-day "Goals with Souls" tutorial. This tutorial is run by an awesome lady called Louise Thompson who first came to my attention from an article in the paper that she wrote about living your best life.

She's been a life coach for around 10 years, is fully booked out for 2020 but she has failed at her biggest challenge and that is to try and help the biggest procrastinator in the world (myself) set some goals and stick to them.

It was only five days of watching these tutorials, and writing things down.

Easy peasy right?! No, not for me! I watched the first tutorial which was all about writing down goals that you think you might be able to stick to on any given day in your worst week.

Like in the middle of the winter when everyone is sick and tired etc. I put down a goal that I might be able to achieve then and that was to simply pick up the Lego off the floor before I went to bed, but even now I think that might be too ambitious!


It's embarrassing to admit but so far I am four days behind on my goal of sticking with "Goals with Souls". I can't even stick to this.

And therein lies the story of my life. So I'm now having to make a new goal and that is to stick to my goal-setting course. Apparently it will be good for the soul!