What to buy for Christmas? Who to buy for? How much to spend?

All questions I find myself not needing to ask most years, as I have been blessed with a Christmas miracle. My wife.

It's a miracle she turned up at the wedding many years ago to be honest, with my gift buying track record.


See, I've never been very good at picking up on the subtle hints towards whatever it is she really wanted, like a casual comment as we walk past a store window, or a highlighter circling one exact product in a pamphlet left on my pillow with the words THIS written in bold beside it. Oh no. I walk to the beat of my own present-buying drum.

"Our best value spy drone yet", says the advertising headline, and I immediately picture lovely partner's face as she unwraps her new micro-drone on Christmas morning, carefully plugging it in for a charge-up, ready to blast through the house pre-Chrissy barbeque. No. I remind myself. You need to think like HER, not yourself. What would SHE want?

"Full scuba setup, get diving this summer". Perfect! I think. All the crayfish I… I mean she could want. She would love helping me carry my … I mean her dive gear down the beach.

Oh, wait, what's this? A pair of high-end speakers with integrated amplifier and Bluetooth! If there's one thing I always hear my wife say it's "I wish I had a pair of high-end speakers with Bluetooth in my living room".

Okay, so she's never said that ever. But maybe she would if she saw how cool they looked? I'll put some highlighter on them and leave the catalogue on her pillow.

She loves making our house look nice, and what makes a house look nicer than freshly mown lawns?

This ride-on lawnmower would be perfect! Sure, we don't exactly own a paddock, get it out, but grab a cold drink, she'll have the lawns done in 10 minutes all while having a little time out.

It's giving the gift of time! But wait? Do we have enough in the account for a deposit? How longs it going to take to pay off? My wife deals with the finances, you know what? It's probably easier if I leave it to her, she's so good at it!


Can't wait 'til Christmas morning when I'll find out what I bought her!

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