Totara College's Year 10-13 students headed off on a three and a half hour tramp to Sunrise Hut on November 21.

They were going to be staying for two days.

They started off evenly distributing the food into their packs then headed by car to their destination.

Once at the base of the mountain at the start of the track, the students donned their packs and set off for on the hike.


It was fun to start with but after about 30 minutes in, it started to get hard!

The tramp was supposed to last for three-and-a-half hours but it took the students a bit longer, arriving four hours later at the top of the mountain.

Sunrise Hut was in sight. It was quite cold by then and by then there were aching feet and bodies.

The students thought "the hut was nice and the beds were all right".

They had a lot of free time so played cards and talked until about midnight which they enjoyed.

Early in the morning they woke to see the most beautiful sunrise!

After breakfast and then cleaning up and packing they set off back down the mountain.

Going back down the mountain was the best for most because it only took about an hour or so.


After everyone arrived back at the carpark they loaded their packs into the cars and set off home so they could sleep in their own beds.

But the consensus was the beautiful view of the sunrise at Sunrise Hut made it all worthwhile in the end.