Dannevirke's Christmas parade is just nine days away and on track to be as successful as it has been in previous years, according to organiser Suresh Patel.

The parade will be held on Saturday, December 7 at noon.

The bar has been set high for this year's parade as last year's event had 49 floats entered, just two short of the record of the previous year.

Patel said the Dannevirke Chamber of Commerce, which runs the event, was reasonably happy with the number of entries so far but would like to see more early entries to help with the smooth running of the parade.


"We just now need the crowds to turn up and the floats to be forthcoming to make the parade the successful event that it normally is."

At this stage 19 leisure marching teams have been confirmed to take part in the parade and Dannevirke Brass Band will also be involved and will have in its ranks musicians from other brass bands from around the region.

An added reminder that Christmas is rapidly approaching is the arrival of Father Christmas at the Dannevirke Fantasy Cave on Sunday morning.

Normally children from First Years day care centre are invited to gather at the entrance to the cave to welcome Santa but with December 1, Santa's traditional arrival date, falling on a Sunday an open invitation has been extended to families to turn out.

Santa will be arriving by car at 10am.