In the news business, it's known as a "paparazzi shot" - a photo taken of someone unaware they are being photographed.

Paparazzi shots aren't always viewed in a positive light.

But there is nothing negative about a picture snapped of a newly-wed couple on Te Mata Peak on Tuesday. In fact, the photographer loves it so much he wants to share it with them.

Brian Smith photographed the couple, presumably posing for their wedding photographer, and unaware they were being photographed by two people.


Smith was also taking photos from the popular visitor spot and saw the couple posing.

"I took this shot from a distance. I figured it would be good to get them a copy. Is it possible you could put it in your local paper and hopefully someone knows who they are and I can get them a copy (via yourselves).

"It would make a feel good story."

We agree - contact the Hawke's Bay Today newsroom via or post on our Facebook page and we will introduce Brian to the couple.