dan2424 Sisters Ella, 8, and Sophie Withey, 10, were delighted to win a prize in the Dannevirke Spring Festival colouring competition. Photo / Sue Emeny
There were big smiles from sisters Ella and Sophie Withey when they collected their prizes for entering the Dannevirke Spring Festival colouring competition.

They were presented with Warehouse gift cards by Dannevirke Community Board member Kim Spooner-Taylor who organised the competition.

Ella and Sophie say they love entering colouring competitions and because this one coincided with the school holidays it gave them something to do.

In the three to four years age group 4-year-old twins Ava and Connor Walshe were also awarded prizes.


In the five to seven years group 6-year-old Jackson Walshe and Harriet Johnson, 7, were the winners.

In the eight to 10 years group Olivia Johnson, 9, took the prize.

The children's artwork is displayed in the window of For Homes For Farms.