dan2420 Bellevue garden in Ranfurly St, Dannevirke.
dan2421 Otope is a 46-year-old garden.
dan2422 Rhododrendrons and azaleas feature at Reinline at Maharahara.
dan2423 Illsvilla is a charming garden in Guinane St, Dannevirke.
Story Sue Emeny

Flowers, trees, birds and outdoor artwork will all be on display during the Dannevirke and Districts Spring Festival Garden Ramble to be held on Saturday and Sunday November 2 and 3.

Gardens will be open between 10am and 4pm both days and the entry fee is $5 at each garden. Entry for children is free.

There will be seven private gardens open to the public along with Ormondville's historic Church of Epiphany which will be open for viewing and will also have quilts on display.


Klaas and Juliet van der Oord will open up their extensive Ormondville garden. It is a mass of roses, towering trees and historic items from around the district.

Closer to Dannevirke is Te Kiteroa Gardens on Umutaoroa Rd.

Lynne and Ken Mitchell's large expansive garden has long views which have given rise to the name - Te Kiteroa.

Enjoy a relaxing wander through varied plantings, many of which have been potted and are for sale.

Illsvilla, which is described as a charmer, is at 8 Guinane St, Dannevirke.

Illsvilla is a cottage garden within the town. It's a little rustic with interesting structure, a pond full of fish and a backdrop of a character home.

It has been created and developed over 14 years by owners Hamish and Kathryn Illsley.

Bellevue at 7 Ranfurly St, Dannevirke is the garden of Alice Walton and her daughter Lizzie.


It's a traditional garden with English country planting and views to the Ruahine Ranges.

Laid out over 2500sq m this established garden has been extended and developed by the new owner over the last three years.

Les and Sue Giddens are opening their garden at 71 Cadman Rd, Dannevirke.

An area of established native trees provides contrast with a large, friendly garden broken up with walkways and shade areas.

The garden has grown over 11 years with haphazard planting as friends have provided cuttings and seedlings, and inspiration has emerged.

The large lawn provides a calm backdrop.

Otope, situated at 1248 Otope Rd, is the home of Sue and John Buchanan. Theirs is a 46-year-old rambling garden filled with old roses and perennials.

There will be tinware, steel stakes and obelisks for sale.

Reinline is the garden of Erin and Neil Connors at 68 Ross Rd, Maharahara.

This garden has 40 rhododendrons, lots of azaleas, roses, camellias, magnolias and three cherry trees. It is beautiful at this time of the year and the owner takes pleasure from sharing it with other people.

Grandchildren have all had a tree planted for them and there are other trees which were planted years ago by the owners' parents.

The list of gardens:

*474 Norsewood Ormondville Rd Ormondville
*Church of Epiphany Ormondville
*Te Kiteroa Gardens 221 Umutaoroa Rd Dannevirke
*Illsvilla 8 Guinane St Dannevirke
*Bellevue 7 Ranfurly St Dannevirke
*Giddens garden 71 Cadman Rd Dannevirke
*Otope 1248 Otope Rd Dannevirke
*Reinline 68 Ross Rd Maharahara Dannevirke