Hawke's Bay is set to have some rough weather to kick off the week with heavy rain and strong winds to trample the region with a more positive outlook on the horizon.

MetService meteorologist Stephen Glassey said that up until late Wednesday night Hawke's Bay will be in store for some miserable weather and strong winds hitting the region.

"A pretty big low pressure system will make its way down from the northwest and will start off with a few showers on Monday but early Tuesday morning that will kick in to a couple of horrible days," Glassey said.

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Heavy rain is set to hit the region from early Tuesday morning to late on Wednesday with MetService predicting rainfall of over 100mm in the ranges, with 30-50mm to hit Napier and Hastings during that time.

Along with the heavy rain MetService did say a potential serve weather warning could be announced during the day on Monday with strong easterly winds set to sweep the region as well.

With the rain and wind coming our way things will get a little cooler with the temperature set to drop as well with MetService predicting highs of 15-18C from Monday to Wednesday with overnight lows of 10-11C over the same time period.

The rest of the country is already feeling the brunt of the low pressure system with serve weather warnings already in place for Coromandel with getting nearly 90mm of rain over Sunday night and wind speeds of over 120km/h.

That storm is set to make its way down the coast and is what we will expect over Tuesday and Wednesday.

But according to Glassey that miserable cold weather isn't set to hang around for long as things clear up heading into the end of the week with a stellar weekend ahead.

"Thursday and Friday will clear with only partial hanging cloud but things will definitely clear heading in the weekend with sunny skies and temperatures back up to around 22 degrees expected."