A young man was given the chance to wipe the slate clean and avoid a conviction when he appeared in Dannevirke District Court on Friday.

Brayden Jeremy Reid, 21, was appearing for sentence on charges of dangerous driving and failing to stop after an accident which damaged another vehicle at Dannevirke on June 20.

Counsel Nicola Graham told the court Reid had been through restorative justice where he met the victim.

"He enjoyed speaking with the victim and got a lot out of the meeting and an understanding of how the victim was affected."


She said Reid had excellent support from his stepfather and had no previous convictions.
Judge Lance Rowe said Reid's offending was dangerous and could not be brushed under the carpet.

"But you performed well at restorative justice and with the right steps ahead now we are not likely to see you in court again."

Judge Rowe asked Reid three questions - by December 6, the next time Judge Rowe was appearing in Dannevirke court, would Reid have obtained his restricted licence, undertaken a defensive driving course and donated $300 to Dannevirke St John Ambulance.

Reid's response was yes to each question.

Judge Rowe said he had a specific reason for ordering a payment to St John Ambulance.

"They are the ones who have to clean up the mess after an accident.

"If you fail your driving test, or the defensive driving courses are a bit tight and you can't complete one before December 6, don't be shy, let me know. Under Section 106 I can discharge you if you do these three things so that you can carry on into adulthood without a conviction."