A satirical take on the Havelock North water crisis is set to ruffle feathers as it debuts on the stage in Hastings.

Chlorination St is a one-man play written and performed by local theatrical identity Ken Keys and produced and directed by Pauline Ellen Hayes.

The play itself is based around the 2016 contamination crisis. More than 5000 people got sick, there were 45 hospitalisations, four official deaths and the cost to local agencies was $4 million.

The play aims to shine a spotlight on corporate responsibility, water issues in the region and the debate that has gone on since then.


Many people who fell ill during the outbreak still suffer the effects today with some developing autoimmune disease, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, and other ailments.

Since the E. coli outbreak the Hastings District Council started chlorinating the water supply which has created an ongoing debate.

Hayes said she wanted to create a show that focused on an issue that affected most of Hawke's Bay and something that people need to know more about.

"I originally wanted to write something for the upcoming fringe festivals that focused on a local issue and water was the first thing that came to mind," Hayes said.

"Ken was the person I wanted to perform it but after showing it to him he had a bit of a rewrite of it and I think it is now something that will relate with people and put a spotlight on the issue and the events behind it."

Keys is set to perform as the show's central protagonist Billie Gillespie.

"The show itself is to create a sort of one-sided debate around the water issue we have in the region with the focus on Havelock," Keys said.

"The key was to create something that would engage the audience and get them involved with an issue that they will all have sort of knowledge about."


Hayes said the show itself wouldn't have been possible without the support and funding from both Creative Communities of Napier and Hastings.

Chlorination St plays at The Common Room, Friday, October 11 at 6.30pm and Saturday, Ocotber 12 at 8.30pm. Tickets are available at Eventfinda.

It also plays at The Little Theatre, Napier, on Thursday, October 17 at 7.30pm and the Havelock North Function Centre, Sunday , October 20 at 6pm, with door sale tickets only.