Store lambs met strong demand and ewes with lambs at foot also rose at Stortford Lodge yesterday.

Cricklewood Station, Wairoa, had 224 ewes with good terminal lambs at foot which sold for $4 or $5 more than last week.

The top pen of lambs, 53 cryptorchids from a Dannevirke vendor, made $191. The top pen of ewe lambs made $187.

The cattle offering of about 570 head was of varying quality but the best of them sold well.


Buyers for the cattle and more than 3000 sheep were from Hawke's Bay with support from Hunterville, Taupo and Manawatu.


Cattle — cows, calves at foot: Rangiaria Ltd, Otane, 12 crossbred cows, 12 calves, av weight, 535kg, 237c/kg, $1270/head.

Cows: Wairua Dairies, Aorangi Rd, 18 empty fries, av weight, 605kg, 232c/kg, $1405/head; 17 fries, av weight, 526kg, 226c/kg, $1195/head; four fries-cross, av weight, 451kg, 206c/kg, $930/head; J R Moore Trust, Puketitiri, five empty fries, av weight, 568kg, 225c/kg, $1280/head.

Heifers: 2yr, D and J Willis, Porangahau, 20 ang and ang-here, av weight, 398kg, 311c/kg, $1220/head; Matthews Station, Tikokino, 12 ang and ang-cross, av weight, 386kg, 309c/kg, $1195/head; Greville/Simmonds, Raukawa, seven here-fries, av weight, 436kg, 281c/kg, $1210/head; Puketio Farm, Poukawa, five here-fries, av weight, 414kg, 288c/kg, $1195/head; seven here-fries, av weight, 352kg, 287c/kg, $1015/head; Wairua Dairies, Aorangi Rd, 16 fries, av weight, 347kg, 321c/kg, $805/head; Rangiaria Ltd, Otane, five crossbred, av weight, 380kg, 273c/kg, $1040/head. Yrling, Emrick P/ship, Rissington, 14 here-fries, av weight, 265kg, 279c/kg, $740/head; 11 simm-cross, av weight, 255kg, 265c/kg, $680/head; 11 ang-cross, av weight, 230kg 255c/kg, $590/head; five here-cross, av weight, 232kg, 237c/kg, $550/head.

B Beattie, Havelock North, nine here-fries, av weight, 212kg, 286c/kg, $610/head; five here-fries, av weight, 183kg, 289c/kg, $530/head; R and P McDonald, Tutira, nine here-fries, av weight, 233kg, 300c/kg, $700/head; six here-cross, av weight, 245kg, 240c/kg, $590/head; Feather Holdings, Taupo, 12 ang-here, av weight, 328kg, 273c/kg, $900/head; 14 here-cross, av weight, 308kg, 269c/kg, $830/head; R Haynes, Trust, Waihau, nine here, av weight, 240kg, 249c/kg, $600/head; M Herries, Waihau, 10 here-fries, av weight, 240kg, 266c/kg, $640/head; N Bradshaw, Bay View, seven here-fries, av weight, 289kg, 274c/kg, $795/head; S Norrish, Kaiwaka, five here-fries, av weight, 207kg, 289c/kg, $600/head; five here-fries, av weight, 159kg, 295c/kg, $470/head; A Chambers, Matangi Rd, nine ang-cross, av weight, 262kg, 243c/kg, $640/head; five ang-cross, av weight, 240kg, 212c/kg, $510/head; C Irwin, Havelock North, eight here-cross, av weight, 255kg, 250c/kg $640/head.

Steers: 2yr, P and Morunga, Wairoa, 15 here-fries, av weight, 427kg, 323c/kg, $1380/head; five here-fries, av weight, 387kg, 338c/kg, $1310/head; Matthews Station, Tikokino, 22 ang and ang-cross, av weight, 406kg, 324c/kg, $1320/head; D Torr, Waikare, 27 fries, av weight, 504kg, 291c/kg, $1470/head; Waipoapoa Station, Maraetotara, 12 here, av weight, 537kg, 338c/kg, $1820/head; S Magee, Waimarama, seven ang, av weight, 447kg, 324c/kg, $1450/head; Rangiaria Ltd, Otane, five here-fries, av weight, 295kg, 266c/kg, $785/head; P van Hooijdonk, Waihau, five here-fries, av weight, 384kg, 312c/kg, $1200/head. Yrling, Alco P/ship, Poukawa, 30 here-fries, av weight, 248kg, 341c/kg, $845/head.

Emrick P/ship, Rissington, 15 here-fries, av weight, 285kg, 324c/kg, $925/head; nine here-cross, av weight, 286kg, 289c/kg, $830/head; seven here-fries, av weight, 248kg, 329c/kg, $820/head; five here-cross, av weight, 258kg, 312c/kg, $805/head; D and J Willis, Porangahau, 15 ang, av weight, 291kg, 357c/kg, $1040/head; R and P McDonald, Tutira,11 here-cross, av weight, 261kg, 305c/kg, $800/head; nine here-fries, av weight, 244kg, 329c/kg, $805/head; S Norrish, Kaiwaka, five here-fries, av weight, 157kg 449c/kg, $705/head.


Bulls: Yrling, Feather Holdings, Taupo, 12 here-cross, av weight, 241kg 270c/kg, $655/head; 10 here-fries, av weight, 221kg, 316c/kg, $700/head; 11 ang, av weight, 245kg, 326c/kg, $800/head; 13 ang, av weight, 217kg, 327c/kg, $710/head; 11 here-cross, av weight, 212kg, 277c/kg, $590/head; R Haynes Trust, Waihau, 12 simm-cross, av weight, 293kf, 279c/kg, $820/head.

Sheep — ewes, lambs at foot: Cricklewood Station, Wairoa, 39=8 ewes, 38 b/f, $128.50 all counted; 60 ewes, 55 b/f, $129.50; 71 ewes, 65 b/f, $127.50; 55 ewes, 56 b/f, $128.50; Sandyhill Farms, Porangahau, 33 ewes, 53 /bf, $110; Est D B Wilson, Waimarama, 61 ewes, 79 b/f, $106; 43 ewes, 72 b/f, $108; 45 ewes, 70 b/f, $112; Awakeri Drainage, Whakatu, 15 ewes, 23 lambs, $113; nine ewes, 11 lambs, $120.50; Mangakuri Station, Elsthorpe, 24 m/s, 40 lambs, $96.50; R Cavanagh, Nuhaka, six ewes, eight b/f, $128; P Rosie, Mahia, 24 ewes, 40 b/f, $120; Glenbourne Ltd, Porangahau, 20 ewes, 20 b/f, $117; 34 ewes, 62 b/f, $108.50; L Parsons, Eskdale six ewes, nine lambs, $95.50.

Lambs: B and E Tuanui, Whakapirau, 115 c/o, $183; Awahiwi Farm, Wallingford, 40 male, $174; 146 ewe, $1'74; 37 ewe, $167; Hunterhills, Dannevirke, 53 c/o, $191; Caithness Farm, Sherenden, 42 male, $157; 45 ewe, $150; R Hunt, St Georges Rd, 134 ewe, $187; C Nicholson, Roys Hill, 193 ewe, $167; 104 ewe, $165; C and S Cutbush, Porangahau, 120 ewe, $175; 103 ewe, $169.20; Frampton Farm, Takapau, 116 ewe, $168; Kintail, Tutira, 87 ewe, $169; Pourere Station, Pourere, 93 m/s, $180; Waikareao Farm, Te Aute, 275 ewe, $158; 187 ewe, $159; Nichol Farming, Ohiti, 26 ewe, $166; Lakeview, Hatuma, 54 ewe, $158.50; Joncole P/ship, Te Hauke, 49 ewe, $146.50; Bradfield Farm, Whakapirau, 32 ewe, $165; 27 male, $177.50.

Prime sale

Competition was strong in all classes at Monday's sale.

In the cattle offering of 28 head the quality was variable but some good angus, simmental-cross and charolais-cross heifers reached $3.14/kg. Another pen of heavy angus oxen made $3.26/kg.

The quality of the small ewe offering of about 540 head was an improvement on recent weeks which was reflected in the price. The best pen, of 17 dorset ewes, made $227. Other pens also broke the $200 mark.

A big yarding of 1700 lambs also sold to good demand. A pen of three blackface wether lambs made $236 and many other pens broke through the $200 mark with two other pens making $229 and $230. The best of the ewe lambs made $214.


Cattle — oxen: (Ang) Av weight, $683kg, 326c/kg, $2227/head.

Heifers: (Ang, dairy-cross, fries, here, simm-cross, charo-cross) Av weight, 367kg to 562kg, 275c/kg to 314c/kg, $880/head to $1766/head.

Sheep — ewes: Slipe, heavy, $206.50 to $227; good, $165 to $179.50; med, $156; light, $96 to $143. Shorn, med, $177. Woolly, good, $199.50; med, $159.50.

Lambs: Male, $177 to $232, b/f, $236. Ewe, $141.50 to $214, b/f$214. M/s, $191, b/f, $198¦