"I don't want to give them up but I have to sell some to make space at home," said one stallholder at July's Dannevirke Community Market.

She was talking about her heavy-duty knitted creations – the product of many hours of work. They were just the thing for cold winter days – colourful and thick.

Selling at the market creates a mix of emotions because you have a personal connection with items if you made them yourself, and most vendors do.

A sale is affirmation of a job well done, quiet times can mean rejection of your concept or process and sets you wondering.


Visitors are amazed at the quality of crafted goods for sale and their great value for money.

But it needs a constant flow of new customers to sustain that creativity.

Anecdotal evidence suggests probably half of Dannevirke residents have never been to the market. If that's the case they don't know what they are missing.

It is time to remedy that situation. With winter sport ended by August 30 there are no kids to run around to venues.

Spring starts next day and there are bound to be garden bargains to kick-start the garden, preserves and jams to enrich the palate and art to decorate the interior and exterior of properties.

Father's Day looms the following day so check out the market for that perfect gift.

The Dannevirke Community Market is open tomorrow from 10am-1pm.