Hawke's Bay Foundation is having a shake-up with new management taking over.

Linda Calder started with the foundation in March 2016 and had been instrumental in significantly growing both the its donor base and public profile over the past three and a half years.

She is now going fulltime with her family business for African safaris called Getaway Solutions.

"My goal during my time there was to really expand the foundation and rebrand it to make it better known to the community and let people know what we are all about," Calder said.


Amy Bowkett is the one taking her place, stepping into the development manager's role, and is looking to build on that great work started by Calder.

"I want to keep this place moving in the right track and show people all the good work we do, to build up as many donations as we can get," Bowkett said.

The Foundation works as a sort of middle man between people wanting to donate and the charities to donate to.

For example the foundation normally deals with bequests (a person's request in a will) and instead of them giving directly to a charity the foundation will organise a system where they will organise monthly payments to a chosen charity or one of their choice if one wasn't specified.

"If people don't have a chosen charity we look at what is available and what is in need of the most help at a certain time," Bowkett said.

"Also we keep track of everything so people know where their money is going and if relatives want to know where their family members money is going we can tell them to every detail of when and where it went and how it is being used."

Born and breed in Hawke's Bay, Bowkett has been involved with Community Foundations all over the country since 2010, and is a firm believer in the saying that charity starts at home.

"I just want to do my best and do what is best for community and the charities that are doing great work in Hawke's Bay."


Alison Harper is also joining the foundation's team as the new Client Services Co-ordinator.