Reviving Dannevirke's market day and the town's Spring Festival were issues raised at Monday's Dannevirke Community Board meeting.

Deputy chairman Pat Walshe told the meeting he and fellow board member Kim Spooner had decided they would like to go ahead with the market day, but would like a fresh take on it.

"I think we should call it a Dannevirke day but we would have to talk to the council first, we don't want to just jump on the bandwagon," Walshe said.

He said he felt there needed to be some thinking outside the square for the market day.
Tararua District Council governance manager Richard Taylor said the council didn't need to be consulted.


"It's a local project, you can do what you want," Taylor said.

He said the project definitely needed someone to drive it and to co-ordinate the various groups involved.

"It's up to you as a board to make it happen, if that's what you want."

Walshe spoke about the need to plan for wet weather as late October can be cold, wet and windy.

"There are many empty shops on High St and I wonder if we could approach the owners about letting us use these premises if the weather is bad."

He also asked whether there was a Dannevirke flag in existence and if so it would add to the occasion if these were flown along High Street.

Mayor Tracey Collis said that as Tararua District was only 30 years old there was no flag and no coat of arms.

She suggested the use of bunting to add a festive air.


"But it really depends on whether you want to create local pride or you want to encourage people to stop and spend time at the market day."

At yesterday's community board hosted coffee morning Walshe said he had talked to staff at the Tararau Business Network to see if they could come up with a flag. Board member Terry Hynes, who is a member of the Dannevirke Chamber of Commerce, said the chamber had some bunting that it used to put up when it organised the market day and this would be available to the community board.

The Dannevirke market day is traditionally held on the Friday of Labour weekend which would make it October 25.

On the issue of the Spring Festival board chairman Ross MacDonald said he was starting to make progress on contacting groups who traditionally take part.

"I think we need to rethink the Spring Festival. In the past some organisations have promoted their usual monthly meetings as part of the festival. But I think it should be a proper celebration of spring and we should come up with ideas for something extra for the town."

Traditionally during the Spring Fling the Dannevirke Art Society held an exhibition, Dannevirke Quilters had a display of members' work and Totara College held a craft and garden market.

With spring just two months away Walshe said things need to move on the festival.
"Otherwise all of a sudden the Spring Festival will be on our doorstep and we won't know what we are supposed to be doing."