People from as far as Palmerston North travelled to Taradale to take part in an animal first aid course held.

PET First Aid & Training led the course at the Waiohiki Creative Arts Village on Sunday.

The course was held by lecturer in Animal Management and Veterinary Nursing at EIT Megan Young, who said the turnout was positive, with those mainly working in the animal industry attending.

"We had a few who are starting up doggy day care centres in Hawke's Bay and then a kennel and cattery owner along with a few others attending," Young said.


Participants were able to practise CPR and choking procedures on specially imported manikins from the USA, while Young's dog Zidi also helped with "bandage practice".

"I have two dogs Zidi and Mia, but Mia wasn't able to work as she's just had surgery on her leg.

"But both dogs have been specially trained to take part in these courses and we always monitor their stress levels and things like that, but they're both wonderful participants."

The course didn't just involve rescue techniques on dogs, but cats and guinea pigs as well, with Young saying they used stuffed toys to practice different first aid methods.

"The most common question I get asked by people who take these courses are what to do if their animal is choking, which is why its important to take courses like this.

"It's not a question I can really answer, it's something that I need to physically show people and of course it varies depending on the size of the animal and things like that.

"When a person's dog or cat chokes their instinct is usually to rush them straight to the vet, but there's actually a lot you can do in that time to help your pet which is why these courses are so useful."

The course also involved teaching participants about how to handle burns, bleeding and broken bones and poisons.


"The venue at Waiohiki Creative Arts Village couldn't have been more perfect and if anyone missed out, we do hold private sessions as well."