Hawke's Bay is humming.

Best regional economy in the country.

More visitors than ever.

And a healthy housing market.


Ironic, that last one.

Because for most of us, it's a good thing.

But not for the 440 kids living in motels in Hawke's Bay in emergency housing. We have a rental shortage.

Especially when they are given notice during peak visitor periods to leave, so that tourists paying premium dollars can have their beds.

Not great either for people like Jays Boyd, pictured, who lives in his car.

And he can't afford the $200 fines left on his windscreen when he parks somewhere safe, but illegal.

Housing NZ may hold part of the solution, but if they do, the plans are vague.

Ten houses — a drop in the bucket — are going into Maraenui.


Over the next week or so, Hawke's Bay Today is going to highlight our housing crisis, with a view to presenting solutions.

They are out there in our communities.

Solutions that could come from iwi, from local or central government, from local businesses.

Strong regions don't just thrive on economic success — they thrive on a sense of community, with empathy for others, strong leadership and action.

We think we are in danger of ignoring, and accepting our housing crisis.

So we aim to shine a light on it, with a view to finding some solutions.

So there you have it. Hawke's Bay, we have a problem.

What are we going to do about it?