The issue of youth representation was raised at Monday's Dannevirke Community Board meeting.

Board member Terry Hynes, who is chairman of Tararua Community Youth Services, said for two years the board had a secondary school student on the community board.

"I would like to see a youth representative at community board meetings but I feel there would need to be more guidelines."

Hynes said he was really impressed by the likes of the Student Volunteer Armies. These originated in Christchurch after the devastating earthquakes and were created by Sam Johnson.


"Youth representation is a great way for communities to connect with youth and for youth to connect to the community through community boards and councils," Hynes said.
"The last youth representative wasn't well supported."

Board chairman Ross Macdonald said there were moves afoot to re-introduce a youth representative but it would need to happen now as the year was nearly half over.
Hynes suggested casting the net wider to find a suitable youth representative, rather that just looking to secondary schools.

Board member Kim Spooner felt a high school student taking on such a role would be under too much pressure because of school work and exams.
Macdonald said he felt the board should look at someone between the age of 18 and 20, who was community-minded and likely to stay in the district.

Goverance manager Richard Taylor told the meeting they needed to sit down as a board and put together some guidelines as to the role of a youth representative.
Macdonald said a meeting regarding the annual Wackrow Memorial Youth Award will be held shortly and this would provide an opportunity to discuss youth representation guidelines.
"But we would need to get this done pretty smartly."