Positive behaviour displayed by Huia Range School children was rewarded with a fun day on Tuesday.

Described as a Strive Day, the event saw children take part in a range of fun activities.

Deputy principal Vivienne Dalgleish said a Strive Day is held at the end of each term to acknowledge the positive behaviour of the children throughout the term.

Strive is an acronym and represents the school's motto. It stands for self-awareness, thinking, respect, integrity, values and excellence.


"Huia Range is a PB4L school (Positive Behaviour for Learning) and those are the behaviours children are expected to show in everyday life."

Children need to attain 80 per cent positive behaviour to take part in a Strive Day.

"Very, very few children don't reach that 80 per cent."

The activities vary, depending on the weather, but Tuesday's bright sunshine added to the success of the outdoor activities organised this time.

Dalgleish said every Strive Day has a different focus. In the past activities have included days at the swimming pool, a playgound or craft-based pursuits. At the final Strive day last year the children were treated to free ice creams when an ice cream van was organised.

Tuesday's event saw children taking part in activities that were in the main from the school's own amazing resources, Dalgleish said.

The exception to this was a giant inflatable known as The Thunder Run which was a huge success.

The children were split into classes with the Year 8 school leaders supporting the different groups. Groups of teachers take turns at organising activities and, along with teacher aides, oversee each activity, making it a whole school effort.

"Strive Day is something for the kids to aim for each term. The children have all been involved in Strive Day in the past and know how much fun it is."