Hawke's Bay United coach Brett Angell also was sent off the park in their final match against the Wellington Phoenix Reserves in Porirua at the weekend.

Angell today said it was the culmination of all the inconsistent refereeing decisions that had resulted in his marching orders from the coaching box in their 3-1 loss to the last-placed hosts of the ISPS Handa Premiership match on Sunday.

The Englishman said he had picked up his first "caution for dissent" when captain Birhanu Taye had collected a red card and after French midfielder Maxime Oliveri had gone for an early shower for his second yellow in the dying minutes of the game.

Angell reiterated the officials' decisions "were a little bit strange" after the seventh-placed visitors led 1-0 at halftime.


Peter Linney had the whistle with Mark Whitehead and Sean Reilly running the lines and Chris Bennett on the sideline as the fourth official.

The Phoenix Reserves were awarded two penalties in the second half which Angell had disputed, as well as casting doubts on whether Linney's ruling on the host glove man fouling Bay midfielder Karan Mandair outside the keeper's box.

"I've actually seen the video now and I'm still dumbfounded as to [how the ref reached his decision]," Angell said today.

He said the video showed if there was any contact on Oliveri than it came from the Phoenix player who had succumbed to gravity.

"He stops him from actually passing the ball away and he puts his arms out to stop him from, you know, basically moving on.

"When Maxime moves off the boy falls over, so I cannot for the life of me, after watching the video, as to why that would be determined other than the boy falls over."

Oliveri had subsequently moved off to link up for the next passage of play, he said.

Angell said he was frustrated with the rash of decisions that resulted in his players having to leave the field "for what are innocuous challenges".


"But the interpretations appear to be a hell of a lot different from the referees' point of view."

He was unsure what the process would be from the disciplinary arm of the premiership but suspected the Hawke's Bay franchise would submit reports to accentuate their plights and shed light on alleged indiscretions.

It's not the first time Angell has been sent off the park although the franchise has stood by him.

English soccer stalwart Bobby Gould had suggested in December 2017 someone needed to be alongside Angell to calm him down on the sideline when emotions peaked.

Bay United won four of their 18 round-robin games this summer, drawing five. They scored 38 goals and conceded the highest number (55) in the national summer league.

In the past seasons, they have registered nine wins from 36 games and conceded 91 goals.