BMX rider Jed Mildon grew up in Taupō, but Hawke's Bay is a place he considers a second home and on Sunday he'll be leaving thousands gobsmacked as he performs alongside his Nitro Circus family at McLean Park.

Mildon, 32, has family from Wairoa and spent a lot of time in Hawke's Bay when he was young.

The fearless rider will be tackling a 55m ramp complete with a takeoff kicker more than 3m taller than anything Nitro Circus has toured before.

Mildon became the first person in the world to do a triple backflip on a BMX bike in Taupō - a stunt which attracted millions of hits on video sharing website YouTube.


His incredible stunt caught the attention of the Nitro Circus team who came to New Zealand in 2014 and wanted a Kiwi rider for the giganta ramp.

"I probably had the most suitable credentials to be in that position and then I used that opportunity to do a few more things for the world tour and I've just been doing it ever since.

"Being with this team is like being with a family, we really do bring out the best in each other - we are like brothers, sisters and best friends who get to travel the world together.

It may be the best job in the world, but it's a nerve-racking one, and not one stunt goes by where Mildon doesn't get nervous.

"The first few jumps of the day are the hardest, whether you're practising or doing a show, it doesn't matter. But once you start to get into it, it becomes easier."

"There's always anxiety leading up to anything, but it's a mixture of excitement."

He got his first BMX bike at 6 years old and the rest is history.

"I just started to find other obstacles to jump and dodge in the skate park, then dirt jumps came about and it just unfolded from there really. It wasn't until I was 14 that I realised it was actually a sport."

"I grew up doing something I loved with like-minded people and now I get to do it as a full-time job, it's just incredible."

Mildon is most looking forward to performing his adrenalin-fuelled stunts in front of his family on home soil.

"I'm just really happy to be going back to my roots and having my family watch what I love doing most."

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