The grass is certainly greener across Hawke's Bay after seven millimetres of heavy rain fell in one hour in the early hours of Sunday morning,

MetService meteorologist Claire Flynn said anything measuring over 6mm an hour was classified as "heavy rain".

"North of Napier received 7.2mm in one hour and Elsthorpe in Central Hawke's Bay had 6.5mm in an hour. It seems to have been quite localised, not all areas had this kind of rain overnight, it always seems to be quite sporadic in Hawke's Bay."

But things are looking much brighter for the region as the sun will show its face with temperatures soaring to 29C mid week.


"Napier and Hastings will reach a high of 25C today and Wednesday will be the hottest day."

"Although Sunday was a bit of a messy day with southwesterlies bringing rain in for Hawke's Bay, the likes of Wairoa probably got the worst of it, but today it should start to improve, there might be a few showers left behind as the day goes on.

"It will clear in coastal areas and will just be confined to the ranges in the day."

Flynn said dry conditions would set the theme for the remainder of the week.

"There still might be a little bit of cloud around, but it's generally an improving trend over the next few days."

Hawke's Bay was looking like one of the brighter regions compared with the rest of the country.

"The entire North Island is looking to improve next week but Hawke's Bay will be holding on to that sunshine for a while yet."

The region has experienced a mixed bag of weather throughout the summer months, leaving rural groups scratching their heads over the unusual weather - but very few complained.


Overnight temperatures would likely stay in the double digits, because it was too warm for frosts yet.