Hawke's Bay got its first taste of winter yesterday after a weekend of rain and low temperatures - but MetService says it isn't for long.

"For the Napier/Hastings region the temperature dropped to 10 degrees with the high only being 18, which is due to the low coming in from the aftermath of the storm," a MetService spokesperson said.

"Napier and Hastings only saw around 20-30mm of rain over the weekend but some parts along the Hawke's Bay coast saw 54mm fall."

The weather comes as a welcome relief for farmers who have been suffering from dry conditions for many months but for vineyards it can be a different story.


Hawke's Bay Wines Deputy Chair Peter Hurlstone says that the impact of the weather was not as bad as what was predicted.

"The recent weather has not been as bad as initially forecast and has only caused minimal effect and with the current cool temperatures and strong breeze it will ensure any moisture will quickly dissipate," Hurlstone said.

For Elephant Hill Viticulturist John Peet the cold weather with the storm has added a bit of relief.

"Rain is never a good thing, but with the temp sitting around the 12 degree mark that will help prevent any growths on the fruit and dry out the plants quicker," Peet said.

Waipukurau local Gayle Dean says the steady rain over the weekend has been a welcomed change of pace during a hot summer.

"We've had 33mm over the weekend which has just been nice to have a constant shower of rain over the weekend and it's still going today," Dean said.

Dean has been keeping track of her local weather for the past seven years and says she really felt the cold snap at work on Monday.

"We got up to about 12 degrees today and I've been at work all day with a jersey on and the heater going most of the day," Dean said.

Remains of Cyclone Oma have hit Hawke's Bay over the weekend. Photo / Paul Taylor
Remains of Cyclone Oma have hit Hawke's Bay over the weekend. Photo / Paul Taylor

But the cold miserable weather isn't for long as MetService say that Hawke's Bay can expect to return to higher temperatures later in the week.


"Hawke's Bay should return to its normal warm weather conditions later in the week with highs of around 25 to 27 expected."