A third large slip at the Cape Kidnappers site where two tourists were injured has been identified.

This slip from the top of the hill on February 7 followed the initial landslide on January 23, where two Korean tourists received significant leg and pelvic injuries.

On February 2, another larger slip occured.

Two people who were walking in the area on Saturday narrowly escaped being in the path of this second rockfall and were "very shaken", a Hastings District Council spokeswoman said at the time.


Altogether a large amount of material has collapsed onto the beach, estimated to be in excess of 30,000 cubic metres, she said.

"The area remains unstable and prone to further movement and rockfalls."

The ongoing instability of the area means access to Cape Kidnappers via the beach from Clifton, which was closed by the HDC after the first slip, remains closed at this point in time.

A review of the survey data indicates that the second slip saw up to nine metres in depth lost from the cliff face, and the third more recent slip saw the top of the cliff move back by around seven metres, she said.

"A geologist engaged to assess the area continues to gather information with urgency to report back to the council, and the area is continuing to be monitored in light of the high seas battering the region's coastline.

"Public safety is a priority, and people are instructed to continue to heed the signs that have been placed at the beach and stay away from the area until further notice."