Napier and Hastings residents can expect their recycling collection to go back to normal with council contractors having caught up after the Christmas rush.

A Hastings District Council spokesperson said it had caught up with the recycling early this week, and scheduling would return to normal.

Napier City Council posted on its Facebook page thanking residents for their patience over the busy holiday period.

They were close to catching up with their recycling on Tuesday, with collections left on Cameron Rd, Milton Rd and Clyde Rd.


The post said they were reviewing how their recycling processes went over the busy festive season, saying they were looking at ways to further streamline the process.

They also publically thanked one particular Spriggs Cres resident who had "beautifully" separated and organised their recycling, joking that Netflix tidying sensation Marie Kondo would be proud.

The post thanked the resident for their immaculate separation of glass and plastics, for placing it close to the kerbside so it was easy for the collectors to get to, for washing out jars to avoid contamination, and for putting it in cardboard boxes which could be easily flattened.