A "frail" Hastings man wielded his walking stick as a weapon at a bottle store, then tried to sprint away when police arrived.

The incident was one of three in the past year where 61-year-old Laurence James Sellars lashed out, all of which brought him to the dock of the Hastings District Court on Wednesday.

On May 12, Sellars was at his flat in Hastings, when he became upset with his flatmate about the way she was taking out the recycling.

As she returned inside, Sellars was standing in the hallway and threatened to stab her, pulling a long knife from his side.


According to the summary of facts he then swung the weapon in an attempt to cut her.

She called to the other flatmates for help, but as Sellars swung the knife, it grazed her throat leaving a minor cut to her neck. The other flatmates rushed in and attempted to fend off Sellars with a chair.

He left the address and was located a short time later by police.

Later that month police were called to Countdown on Carlyle St, Napier on an unrelated matter but found an "intoxicated and obnoxious" Sellars in the supermarket.

He became abusive towards police which continued all the way back to Hastings Police Station.

Police attempted to process Sellars in the regular manner, but he refused to remove his belt and shoes which resulted in police restraining him.

A constable tried to remove Sellars' glasses from his face but he lashed out with his leg - missing the constable.

He was placed on the ground and the attempt was made to remove his glasses again but Sellars kicked the policeman in the head.

As a result he received a 2cm gash to the head "which bled profusely", leaving the officer dazed and stunned.

Sellars was then caught on November 8, wielding his walking stick and threatening members of the public after stumbling into the Big Barrel liquor store in Mawera, Napier, in an attempt to buy alcohol.

"The manager advised that he wouldn't be selling him alcohol due to his intoxication. He became enraged and verbally abused and swore at the staff."

Members of the public attempted to intervene and calm him down, but that only seemed to enrage him even further.

Sellars threatened to hit people with his walking stick, while following female customers out of the shop abusing them and then returning to the store to continue to abuse the staff and other customers.

When police arrived he attempted to run away from them and "sprinted" across a busy main street despite having a walking stick.

Once advised he was arrested, Sellars swung around with his walking stick "in a fighting stance".

He was advised to put the stick down or he would be tasered. Sellars did so, but was extremely aggressive towards police and abused them once again all the way to Hastings Police Station.

Sellars' defence counsel told Judge Tony Adeane that his client was "frail and hard of hearing" and reacted to stress.

He told the court Sellars had a history of alcohol but was now finally receiving the "right support".

"The only positive here is that Mr Sellars has some support from a church group," the judge said.

Sellars was sentenced to 12 months' intensive supervision for breaching bail and disorderly behaviour.

On charges of assault with intent to injure and assault with a blunt instrument Judge Adeane convicted Sellars and ordered him to come up for sentence if he reoffends within 12 months.