An alleged Dannevirke drug dealer dug themselves into a hole with police by keeping a stolen digger on the same property.

Police raided the property on December 19, seizing the 1.5 tonne digger and trailer and made two arrests.

They also found firearms, a stolen vehicle, drugs, cash, other weapons and suspected stolen property including five shearing hand pieces in a "Ford racing" bag, large chainsaw chains and forestry equipment.

A chainsaw belt on the property. Photo / Supplied
A chainsaw belt on the property. Photo / Supplied

Tararua police officer senior sergeant Jymahl Glassey said the discovery was disappointing but arrests were an excellent result in reducing harm through the sale of drugs in the community.


Glassey said the town's drug problem was "concerning", but there had been a real public rise against the effects of drugs in Dannevirke since a public hui held in the town 18 months ago.

"Residents and community groups from across the whole of the community have dedicated a lot of time to tackling drug issues," he said.

"The results from the police investigation are very much the law's way of supporting the constant dedication of these people."

Glassey said police would continue their fight on the sale and harmful effects of drugs.

"Anyone associated with the sale and distribution of illegal drugs should know that the community do not want this within Dannevirke."

Police were still looking to identify the owners of the other property seized during the search warrants.

The walkie talkies found on the property. Photo / Supplied
The walkie talkies found on the property. Photo / Supplied

They were asking members of the public to get in touch should the other remaining property belong to them.

Glassey said the digger's owner was "delighted" to hear that his prized possession had been retrieved.


Earlier this month a raid in Central Hawke's Bay led to police seizing 19 guns, including shotguns, pistols and three military style semi-automatic weapons as well as drugs and stolen property.

Three large bags of cannabis were located in a freezer at one of the addresses, while cannabis plants from indoor and outdoor growing facilities were also seized.

The bags of frozen cannabis weighted in at 9.35kg, well over the 28g which is presumed by law to be for personal use.

Two people were arrested as a result.