With new branding, Woodville is now the gateway to art in Tararua, building on its growing reputation and links to Gottfried Lindauer.

"One of the first things our district mayor Tracey Collis said to us was that we needed 'that sticky thing', something major to hang our hat on," Bruce Hutton said at the launch of the new art and history brand last Friday night.

"The big thing is the definitive book published in September by Kevin and Joan McIntyre, Gottfried Lindauer Life of the Artist and his Works. We are at a crossroads now."

The groups associated with the Pioneer Museum and the Lindauer Replica Studio and Friends of Lindauer will now work together to promote Woodville and all it has to offer.


Paula McCool said there is now a need to establish a trust to protect the work at the Lindauer Replica Studio.

"We've now started forming relationships with other galleries, such as Hutt Art and we'll have our second Artists from the Bush exhibition there next year and they are very keen to bring one of their exhibitions here," she said.

"Our branding, Woodville Art and History, will establish our credibility."

Hutton said it was important for the group to grow the new concept, with McCool and the museum committee the driving force.

"In three years we've come a long way and people are doing things without any reward to promote our town," he said.

"The museum, which was once a clutterbox building, is now being used by many others and I'm delighted with the new logo, people are doing all this work without reward."

While in Rotorua on holiday the McIntyres tracked down two more Lindauer paintings they can photograph for the studio and another while passing through Hawke's Bay.