For the second time in two weeks fire crews in Havelock North were called to quell a grass fire on Te Mata Peak.

Smoke was reported rising from the peak about 6.48pm on Wednesday and fire crews sent to the scene.

A police spokesman said it was reported as being possibly linked to fireworks.

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A spokesman for NZ Fire and Rescue said while a lot of calls had been received detailing smoke, the issue has resolved itself before crews arrived.

Just 10 days ago fire crews from Havelock North and Hastings were needed to quell a scrub fire on the peak's eastern side, thought to have been started by fireworks.

No damage was reported on that occasion in Te Mata Peak Park but the incident prompted Te Mata Park Trust park manager Emma Buttle to remind people of the ongoing ban of fires in the park.

"Fireworks and fires are prohibited in the park at all times because there is a very high risk of fire, especially with this strong wind we are experiencing. We also need to remind people that Te Mata Park is private land and we are very privileged to have access so we need to treat it with respect.

"It's a timely reminder that fireworks are not permitted in the park and there is a high risk of fire.

"The grass is quite long at the moment so we just need to be very careful and stay safe."