A Hastings district councillor says he is "distraught" at the proposed renewed licence for a Flaxmere liquor outlet.

Flaxmere (2008) Liquor Limited directors Sukhpal Singh and Chamkaur Singh have applied for their Swansea Rd bottle store, Flaxmere Liquor, to have its existing liquor licence

But O'Keefe believes the liquor store doesn't need to stay and plans to submit an objection.

"My plea is to all and sundry to stand with me to trumpet aloud that 'enough is enough'.
What sort of legacy are we leaving the generations to come - we are saying to them, in a low socio-economic area such as Flaxmere we can entertain four liquor outlets - is that morally and ethically right?"


As a social worker for more than 30 years, he said he had personally "witnessed the damage alcohol causes".

"For me this is about the love of our people. If someone can look our families in the eye and say this liquor outlet is good for you and tell me why, I will back off."

"Sounding evangelical, it's time to bend the knee, bow the head and look up."

Singh's advisor, Dave Porteous said as far as he was aware the Police were not objecting, nor was the licensing inspector. He said if anyone had objections, they must "put it in writing and let's go to a hearing".

"This outlet has been there for 10 years and operated within the law. It hasn't had any problems in the three years of the present license and everybody is happy with it."

Fellow councillor Jacoby Poulain said she stood by her community.

"I am supportive of the community's voice being heard in whatever fashion they find fit, so it is important all members of our community are able to submit if they have any concerns.

"Access and availability of alcohol has a direct impact upon our Flaxmere population and we know Flaxmere has a high vulnerable population and a high youth population, so mixing alcohol with that, at times doesn't always lead to good results."

A council spokesperson said it is a standard process that happens every three years and as part of the licensing process, the community has the opportunity to object to the licence within 15 days of an application.

"There is strict criteria under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 as to who can object, limited to people who have a 'greater interest than the general community."

The objection period closes on September 19. The HDC website has information on how to object to a licence and the criteria that has to be followed.

Hastings Mayor Sandra Hazlehurst urged the community to understand the process and get involved.

"People are able to make objections to liquor licence applications if they believe they will be affected by the licence being approved."

A Hawke's Bay District Health Board spokesperson said the application had come to its attention earlier in the week and it would take time to review and consider the application.