Hawke's Bay residents will have to keep their brolly close this week as the region is in for a mixed bag from Mother Nature.

"Unsettled," is how Metservice meteorologist Peter Little describes the weather prediction, sharing the region's disappointment that yesterday's beautiful weather was only a temporary fix.

"It was never going to last," he says, "unfortunately the weather is going to turn, cloud will increase today and then from the afternoon there will be some scattered rain.

"It won't be raining all the time, but it will be mostly cloudy."


Little says a trough of low pressure will move over the country from the Tasman Sea
today and it will continue to linger for much of the working week.

"Severe Weather Watches for heavy rain have been issued, and people should be aware there is also a risk of thunderstorms for some regions in the coming days."

Luckily Hawke's Bay is under the safe protection of the Kaweka Range and will not be affected.

Though Spring is only two weeks away, frosty temperatures were still present over the weekend and will erratically continue throughout the week.

Little says Tuesday and Wednesday will also host some cloudy weather with scattered showers in the morning, but the afternoon was looking slightly brighter.

"More rain will be coming back late in the day on Wednesday and will be accompanied by some strong nor-westerlies."

"Unfortunately it's looking like quite an unsettled week for most of the country, it would be fair to say that Hawke's Bay is one of the regions that won't fare as badly as some others.

"A lot of the bad weather is coming from the north-west and you'll be sheltered by the ranges."

Bitter temperatures would take over from Thursday, with overnight lows sitting between 1-2C and day temperatures remained fairly consistent with highs between 11C-13C.

"It's not going to be a sunny few days coming up, so people will have to plan ahead and grab a brolly of raincoat before heading out."