If you're into a bit of science-fiction and homegrown music, then a visit to 'The Dome' is the right place to go.

This week the unique igloo popped up on Albert Square and was initially installed as the venue for the Hawke's Bay Today Hastings City Celebration Awards this Friday night.

But the funky structure gained the attention of a few others, including several businesses and groups resulting in the Hastings District Council deciding to extend The Dome's timeline for a few more days to host some more colourful events.

Youth organisation Zeal Hawke's Bay jumped on board and on Saturday night will stage "
Under the Dome" featuring some of Hawke's Bay's finest young musical talent.


The event is aimed at people between 13 and 18 and a number of youth bands will fill the space with their homegrown creations.

Tickets can be purchased on Event Finda and young music lovers have been advised to get in fast as the event is already on its way to selling out.

On Sunday, Hastings' Māori musical talent will be celebrated with a preview concert for Māori Music Month, which is held in September.

The Dome's presence will stretch through until Monday where some of the acts from Saturday night's Zeal concert will return to showcase their sounds on a small scale during lunchtime to give the wider public a sample of their talent.

This week Hastings Mayor Sandra Hazlehurst visited the Dome while it was under construction and was thrilled that it would be sticking around in Hastings for longer than originally intended.

"As a council we are always looking for ways to bring Hastings alive and this is a fantastic opportunity to do just that.

This is a hugely innovative and exciting venue that will draw our community into the city centre

Not only will our local businesses get a chance to celebrate their achievements in The Dome, but the wider community will also be able to enjoy this unique space."

"It's also fantastic to have a youth music event back in the CBD, which used to be held in the Hawke's Bay Opera House facility until it was closed."